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Women over 40! Learn how to live a life with greater Peace, Passion, Purpose and Prosperity

Make peace with the past and thrive in the present through Radical Self-Love!

Societal Image of a Women's Life after the age 40

Life for women after the age of 40, usually takes a 360 toll on our mental and physical health and this could be down to life-altering changes that start to appear in our mid-life. Many things could be happening to us at this stage in our lives that seem to appear like avalanches; like going through a relationship that has fizzled out, you may be going through the empty nest syndrome, pre-menopausal, feeling lost and lonely. Perhaps you stayed home to take care of your family and now you are left searching for your purpose, maybe you are thinking you are too old to start something new.


Happiness can mean different things for different women, but one thing is for sure we all aspire to be loved, needed, desired, respected, and cared for without any of these we can start to feel alone, depressed, useless, not attractive, and ultimately feeling lost and alone.  


What if at this wonderful midlife stage, where society destines upon us a life of destitute, selling us expensive aging products that make us feel less attractive, and useless, we find new profound Passion, Purpose, Peace, and Prosperity, we create a new beginning on our terms, we take lead to do and live the way our heart desires, not how the society, traditions and our outdated values prescribe us to live. We live a remarkable life that fulfills us to the core, we create a new blueprint that demands love, respect, and authority.

Yes, this is all possible!

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Meet Salma!

In-Harmony NLP Life Coach/Educator, Business Mentor and Counsellor

I’m Salma, the creator of In-Harmony Education, Life Skills Educator and Coach. I am blessed to be a Mother, Wife and Grandmother. Yes my life is like a roller coaster full of emotions and dramas but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I love spending time with my family, good friends and inspiring people. In my free time I am reading and learning about human psychology or taking nature walks with my husband.

I am a Certified Life Coach with a master’s degree in Education and over 15 years of lived experience in turmoil and challenges, I have also over 10 years of experience in helping people find their inner peace, passion, and purpose.   Through Radical Self-Love I have transformed my own life and many others.  I am now passionate about bringing women into conscious living, so they can find their true purpose, and passion, and nurture their wounds.  
Work with me to find your inner harmony.

I believe life is for Living and Loving and Learning Life-Long

Salma Miskeen

‘Satisfied Clients’

Helping people to become more is my true calling- It gives me immense satisfaction seeing my clients get results and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

I worked with Women InHarmony coaching over a period of 6 coaching session. Salma was excellent, each session I felt very relaxed and able to be open from the begging...


    I worked with Salma on my NVQ Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business and Administration - and I could not have got through it without all of her help and support. Salma took the time to make sure she visited me in my workplace to observe and make sure everything was okay. Salma is very patient, and very understanding - and was one of my biggest inspirations in getting back into education! Thank you! 🙂


      Salma mentored me when i was going through a rough patch in life, her genuine concern and great personality got me through, with her wisdom and knowledge and her outlook on life made me see my situation from a new perspective thus allowing me to deal with it. She is supportive shows empathy is non judgemental. Thank you Salma for your support I couldn't have gone through this time without you.


        Hello everyone I am Fatima Salih, a 51 year wife and mum of 5, daughter, carer, friend, worker volunteer, and more. I felt like I had lost ‘me’, so I started this journey with Salma a month ago. I've been a production director assistant to teaching assistant. I have been a community volunteer for the past 10 years, all whilst supporting my youngest son through physical disabilities from birth. I was struggling to get my life back, after my fathers death, and then the menopause kicked in. I wanted to get my mental health back on track. I've tried lots of different therapies and treatments, all to no avail. With the support of Salma's coaching and counseling I have progressively made major changes to my life, which have had a positive effect on me, my family and the community I support. She provides a safe space, confidentiality, problem solving and support to get to the root of the issue but also how to rethink it and implement it. I've been putting in the hard work with her every week for , during our hour long sessions. Then all week I make those physical and mental changes. I feel like I finally have my life back. I've gone from helping everyone and forgetting myself to finding myself and being able to help people to help themselves. I feel more productive as a wife, mother and member of society. More then that, I have self worth, which I had lost over the years. I lam looking forward to my own future, rather then just being part of someone else's. I highly recommend this program to everyone. Discover you, give yourself the best you and make the most of what you have, this is the first step to it. Thank you for reading, I wish you all the best, most loving my journey.